Extended Learning Opportunities Programme

Extra Curricular Activities at Cambridge International School – Doha, Qatar

The programme of Extra Curricular Activities is part of our overall curriculum offer at CIS and is designed to enhance the child’s experience in education. Learning beyond the class room is a key aspect of any high-performing school. For this reason, taking part in the Extra Curricular Activities programme at CIS is compulsory for all students. Every student should take part in an Extra Curricular Activity.

The programme is scheduled during the course of everyday. Each student selects activities from a schedule which encompasses creative, artistic, sporting and other activities.

Offering Extended Learning Opportunities to Students

This programme is an added dimension to classroom learning which extends the child’s all-round education in the wider sense. Through taking part in a club or activity, students develop key skills, for example, research, evaluation, analysis and communication through the Debate Club. Students who enjoy mathematical activities may find Chess a stimulating choice which develops strategic thinking skills. The range of clubs and activities offers students the chance to take part in an enjoyable club or activity, to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. Sports are especially popular and are strongly advised for students to enhance physical fitness and sporting prowess.