Cambridge International School, Doha provides one of the finest teachings in Qatar. We are a dedicated team of teachers who aims at giving the best education to our students. Cambridge School admissions are very easy to follow. Before you choose to put your child in our school, we want you to know the top 6 reasons why our schools are the best for your child:

  1. Happy experience to every child – we make sure that every child has an amazing experience while learning. According to us, children who are happy are the most probably successful and ambitious learners who will achieve their full potential.
  2. Curriculum – we follow the National Curriculum for England as our international curriculum. We personalize our education to meet the individual needs and learning styles of every child. With this kind of individualized attention, we are able to offer a progressive approach to each child’s learning. We make sure that every child develops potential and hones their talents.
  3. Amazing and dedicated teaching staff – the whole of our teaching staff is highly trained and qualified from various parts of the world. They are very passionate and committed to teaching to the young.
  4. It’s more than just sitting in a classroom and learning! – we encourage students to learn even outside the classroom. We have various programs for children to participate in and learn more than just the subjects. We have various extra-curricular activities such as dance, music, drama, residential trips, adventurous journeys, sports such as swimming, golf, and many more. We often have experts from various fields coming in and teaching our students new things.
  5. Campus location – our school is located within easy reach in the city. We also provide transport. Parents are a part of this school as much as the students.   
  6. International curriculum – we provide the England curriculum so that the students are prepared for universities in the future which will help them achieve their dreams and goals.


For Cambridge School Admissions there’s just a simple procedure to follow. We welcome all students to apply, regardless of nationality or religion. We create a diverse environment in our school. In this international school, admissions depend on the availability of space in every class and age group. Priority is given to the students who have siblings studying in the school of children of staff. We prefer parents to set an appointment to have a look at the school and interact with the teachers prior to the admission. The minimum age criteria for kindergarten is 3 years of age and we do not prefer students who aren’t of the age group that is required to join the particular grade. If, in any case, you want to withdraw your child from school, you will forfeit the term’s fees irrespective of the days your child has attended class during the term. There is no automatic promotion of a student from one grade to the next after year 8. 

There are a few steps to confirm your international school admissions in Doha –

  • Collect pre-registration form the school and complete the form and submit it at the registration office along with the supporting documents
  • After the checking of the form by the school, you can pay the non-refundable assessment fee which will arrange a visit to the school which includes the entrance test or interview. The results for these tests would be notified to you in a span of a few days. If your child clears the exam, you can pay the non-refundable admission fees along with the tuition fee, textbook, and uniform costs.
  • Submit the required documents and wait for the waiting list to confirm your child’s seat in our school.